This action takes place in the mysterious Moon. You need to collect the spirits in the cemetery. They occur after the prayer on special magical spheres. In the upper left corner shows how many spirits to be collected. After the destruction of the monsters there spirits. Game with mediocre graphics and good physics.
Here you will be playing battleship. Your goal - to reach the finish line within a certain time. For this it is necessary that the battleship was curled into a ball.
In this game you have to catch crabs. Choose a fishing boat and gear, assemble a team and go into dangerous icy waters of the Bering Sea.

de Blob

The goal - to paint a black and white city in bright colors. Your hero (the ball or sponge) absorbs the paint and touch the buildings painted them. You expect the traps that paint over the hero in the black.
In this game, in a medieval style, you'll destroy the various castles with catapults. Choose shells and smash your opponents! Earn as many points to improve your ranking.
Control the green cross that moves on the screen of your smartphone. He must go through all the lines of the big square, which consists of small squares.
In the game your task is to protect the worm robot refuge from enemy attacks. Winning competitors, the worm will grow, and his power will increase.


Online puzzle game where you will have to push all the balls of the enemy in the central hole. Consider carefully their actions, since the game is turn-based, and win it clever.
This is a simple but very interesting 3D game! You have to fly through the caves and avoid various obstacles. The game features two modes, nice graphics and music.
In this game you need to click on the coins that appear on the screen. Coins are numbered and have to click on them in ascending order. The game is complicated by the need to act faster to pass the level.
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