Emergency landing in the desert terrain, amnesia, excruciating thirst - the logical project Welcome to Paradise for the Android platform is impregnated with ruthlessness and total despair. The protagonist, most likely, will remain in an inhospitable desert for ever, because help from the outside will not come, and hoping for a miracle in this situation is completely silly.

Escape Alchemists House - this Android game from the studio DAIKOKUYA SOFT will tell users the confusing story about the amazing travels in time, the involuntary participant of which became a young and ambitious alchemist, who is the protagonist of the novelty. Now the young man needs to try to understand the causes of the events that happened and do everything possible to return again in due time.

Ancient Secrets of the Mummy - colorfully designed adventure Android quest, in the gameplay of which the "search for items" prevails, and the story will send the user to a country located on the African continent. The main heroine, who is called Amonet, who lives in Egypt, had a strange dream one night - the spirit of the desert appealed to her for help.

Exact calculation. The Bay of the Rowanberry - Ever since the golden fever came, the provincial town of Snowboard Creek in the time of the gold rush has become a place of pilgrimage for many thousands of seekers of a better life. People from all over the world, leaving their homes and the old way of life, set off on a long voyage, with neither guarantees of a better life, nor shelter over their heads - but the desire for profit still forced them to move forward.

The ghost's business: Faces of guilt - an atmospheric Android quest, full of all kinds of puzzles and tasks, in which the gamer is assigned the responsible role of the famous detective in broad circles. All projects of Artifex Mundi studio are executed in this genre, without exception, so you can hope that this novelty is not inferior to previous projects of developers.

Prison Break: The Great Escape - wrists are handcuffed at the wrists, behind the back is a steel lattice, in the head there is emptiness and insult to the former accomplices, who handed over the protagonist with all the giblets, most brazenly substituting. But not everything is lost, there is still a chance to get out of prison, and only then to get even with all the traitors.

Can You Escape - Armageddon - atmospheric and stylishly designed project from the studio MobiGrow, performed in the genre of "search for items", the puzzle in which more than once will lead a gamer to a standstill, forcing to pee and peek through the passage. Already from the name of the game you can understand that all events will develop in a world that has survived the global apocalypse.



To the best of the complex Android project from the guys from Blyts Games, telling the story of a special agent who wants to find out the government's plans to develop a dangerous biological weapon of the latest generation. I must say that the developers of this studio have never engaged in hack-work, trying to bring to their projects a lot of new ideas and gameplay solutions.

Can You Escape this 51 Games - an atmospheric puzzle from the series "find a way out", which offers a large number of locations, namely, fifty-one, judging by the name of the game. Each location has its own prehistory, albeit miniature, but quite distinct. An abandoned royal castle, an old booth, a flat apartment in a panel house, a transformer substation, a railway station - all and not to list.

Dyatlov Pass - Beyond the North Wind - a new Android quest, executed in text format, which offers the user from different angles to look at the world-famous tragedy, which killed nine travelers. As befits the genre, the project is designed rather laconically, which is more than offset by atmospheric music and a fascinating storyline.

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