Dungeon Hunter 2

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Dungeon Hunter 2 HD will attract the bulk of fans of the genre. You will have a very easy target - the disclosure of a secret conspiracy against the kingdom. To do this, you need to go through an enormous amount of land under hundreds of moves and defeat enemies. This is a game with beautiful graphics, colorful interface, interesting plot. So, you son of the immortal king, who must find those who perpetrate a conspiracy against the king and his kingdom.

Throughout the game you will be accompanied by music and gorgeous voice effects. The game has a very user-friendly controls, which can be 3 ways - with the keyboard, trackball or touch screen.

In addition, the game has an integrated multiplayer, which allows you to create your own team of 3 players. It certainly will help you quickly and easily pass the levels, promote your own hero and defeat all the enemies. The game has an integrated table of records, which are written the names of the players who have accumulated the highest number of bonus points. Download game:


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