Dungeon Hunter

Quests Role Adventure Fantasy


Once, in a fairy-tale kingdom, all residents and fairy-tale characters gathered to celebrate the union of the young prince with his beautiful lover. But suddenly the princess dies, and grief-stricken prince, decided to commit suicide. In the kingdom of chaos. Shaken the balance between good and evil. Devilry reclaim the kingdom. Many people died, more buildings were destroyed. People were desperate and did not know what to do. And in order to restore the balance, there was only one single way ...

You have to investigate and take the different missions of the wide world Gothicus. Kill, explore, protect, find and earn ... Five fairy kingdoms, five fairies who always come to your rescue, stunning graphics and great special effects, a lot of variety of weapons and a lot of monsters in the new game from Gameloft.

You can play as a thief (to act stealthily), Warrior (your weapon is a sword) or Mage (to use magic to destroy enemies).

A large number of weapons that you can find or buy from the merchant. Improve your strength, skills, health, in the performance of tasks.

Throughout the game, you will help the fairies, which in game five, and each of its original capacity. Download game:


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