About the spinners, for sure, they heard everything - from small to large. On the popularity of this device and decided to play the developers of this Android project from the studio Lunime. We ask you to love and please - Anime Fidget Spinner Battle is a dynamic RPG game, designed in an anime style, in which all battles are fought with the help of famous spinners.



Nevaeh is a representative of the glorious genre of Massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the Android platform from the studio EYOUGAME (SEA), specializing in exactly the same direction of mobile products, so gamers have the right to expect high quality from both design and mechanics, and from the gameplay itself .

Fixics, Dream House, Memories is a puzzle for the smallest Android users, in which they can not only pass unpretentious logical mini-games, but also take part in decorating the residence of popular cartoon characters. Fixiki - an educational domestic series, which opens before the kids a lot of interesting in different life spheres.

Survival Island Tiny Survivor: Weather Lord is a 3D Android simulator with RPG elements that will send a gamer to an amazing universe hovering in the sky of the islands. The gameplay is executed in a third-person format, which is quite convenient, given the genre and game tasks invented by the guys from GameFirst Mobile.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - we present to your attention a new Android role-playing project, which is the sequel to the famous story. All fans of the fantasy genre, namely the works of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien, this project will offer a large number of recognizable protagonists, known for such a cinematic epic as Lord Of The Rings.



GunboundM is a colorful RPG project from Asian developers, all actions and events of which occur in real time, and participants are real gamers from around the world, which adds sharpness and dynamics to the gameplay. By the way, since its release, the game has already been able to enter the category of top-end, and such merit is simply not distributed.

ComPet is a three-dimensional RPG game offering a gamer to train a team of unbeaten fighters from among the available creatures, and then send their wards to special arenas where they can demonstrate their martial arts and win their master world fame and worthy reward.

Turbine Fighter - control the tanks and pass many missions, most of which involves spectacular battles in specialized arenas. According to the storyline, the user is transferred to the city of the future, where the main entertainment is e-sports - robots try to overcome each other, allowing their master to earn fame and money.

Spirit monster


Spirit Monster - a universe of amazing creatures in which the user in the company of other players will collect and develop a team of their wards, nurturing from them invincible and fearless warriors. Immediately after the start of the game, many gamers will notice the striking similarity of the characters with pocket monsters from the Pokémon universe.

Land of Heroes - Zenith Season - a colorful RPG game that offers gamers to take full control of charismatic protagonists. But in order to determine the choice, even at the training stage, the user will be allowed to experience each of the characters, taking part in a test match. When the choice is made, either a clown, golem, or swordsman will get to your disposal.

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