Iron Blade - Medieval Legends - another mobile Android product from the company Gameloft, which is an RPG action with a multiplayer mode with an immense game world. Also, to the services of users dozens of unique characters, fierce fights and strong opponents, capable of becoming worthy rivals.

Lost Survivor is a colorful 3D Android survival simulator that will transfer the user to a tropical island. The plot tells us a rather dramatic story about the shipwreck, which survived only the main heroine, but it turns out this is not the most dangerous thing that destiny has prepared for her.

Crusaders of Light - a bright and modern MMORPG for the Android platform with active fights, accompanying the entire game process and intuitive control, which does not cause the slightest inconvenience. The game story tells the user the legend about the wall, which has been for many thousands of years a reliable protection of people from all sorts of misfortunes.

Retro Defenders: Towers' War - already from the name of this game you can understand that the user should wait for pixel graphics and a lot of opportunities to improve their protagonists. But the main task is to defend the fortress, in which there is a beautiful successor to the throne, and the structure itself is surrounded on all sides by enemies who do not give up attempts to capture the citadel.

Planet of Heroes - Action Moba - a colorful Android project related to the popular genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, in which users are traditionally waiting for exciting fights and brave protagonists, endowed with individual characteristics.

Fury Turn - a step-by-step arcade Android puzzle game with RPG elements from the company Anji Games, the story of which encourages the gamer to warn the approaching catastrophe of a biological nature. The project has everything to become popular among users - unusual graphics, a bunch of special effects, non-standard game mechanics and pleasant audio accompaniment.

Velator: Immortal Invasion - a fantasy role-playing Android game with elements of spectacular action that will send us into the heat of dynamic global battles. The beautiful universe lived its serene and peaceful life until the race of the Immortals appeared on the horizon, decided to conquer new territories and establish their dictatorship on them.

M M: Elemental Guardians - enchanting Android action, sending a gamer into the most heated battle with aggressive fantasy creatures. The game sends the player into a beautiful universe, over which a mortal threat looms and if nothing is done, then chaos and darkness will swallow up everything around.

Erin: The Last Aos Si - when creating their Android game of novelty, related to the RPG genre, the guys from the studio Daniel Franko were guided, apparently, by the mythology and legends of Ancient Scotland.

Pocket Rogues - atmospheric Android bagel made in pixel graphics, endowed with intuitive controls and dynamic gameplay that will take you on a journey through the dark caves of a fantastic universe.

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