Goodmorning! Zombie - an unusual Android project from the studio Hotfinger, which found a place and role-playing elements, and action, and strategy, and clicker. In addition to the fascinating gameplay, the novelty will please users with curious design of the game world, nice graphics in Pixel-Art format, high-quality animation and atmospheric melody that adheres to the general entourage.



Doona - this mobile novelty from the studio Incago uses in its gameplay several genres at once - action, arcade and role-playing elements. According to the plot, we have to help the brave heroine on a journey through the gloomy world, trying to reveal all his secrets and secrets.

Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy - a luxurious RPG project with a fair share of action, all actions in which occur in a third-person format. So, before us is a full-fledged Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which differs from the main mass of competitors simply with amazing graphic design, battles in multiplayer mode and a promising system for improving the main characters.

FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING - an adventurous role-playing project for the Android platform from guys from Mstersoft, made in full-fledged 3D design. The gameplay and mechanics are implemented according to the standard scenario recently - we improve the protagonist's skill, leading him through the twists and turns of the game story, successfully passing the teaching mission.

Hi Neighbor 2


The long-awaited continuation of the role-playing adventure Android project from the studio HaMT Studios, the protagonist of which does not stop trying to find out the terrible secret of a neighbor living in the neighborhood. You have to get into the house of your mysterious neighbor, while acting with utmost care and quiet, so as not to be detected.

Idle Empires - we present to your attention a pixel clicker from the studio Grumpy Rhino Games, which is endowed with RPG elements, which guarantees not only high-speed gameplay, but also the possibilities of using a promising system of improvement.

Run Lucky! A Fairy Tale Star - an exciting Android arcade on adventure themes, the main character of which is a brave girl. Lucky, that's the name of our traveler, goes to her dreams to find stolen toys.

Magic Legion - Mists of Orcs - we bring to your attention RTS for the Android platform, reinforced with RPG elements, consisting of many chapters of an exciting storyline and a corporate mode that involves the creation of guilds for more efficient stripping of the most hardcore locations.

Dawn Rune


Rune Rise - This Android game will send a gamer into a dangerous but exciting journey through the mystical universe, in the course of which there are also complex puzzles to solve, and antique runes to collect in the outlandish collection. To all else, and intense fights with the enemies of the gameplay of the novelty provides, only non-standard logical thinking and dexterity will help the protagonist to emerge victorious from every collision.

Tales of the Rays - a wonderful role-playing Android game, made in the Asian style - a kind of mix of mobile design and spectacular anime. After the launch of the application, the first thing that a gamer will see is an opening with which fans of Japanese animated series are very familiar.

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