Disorder: The Lost Prince

Role Rpg multiplayer


Disorder: The Lost Prince - the standard MMORPG for the Android platform with non-standard design of locations and design of the main characters, which, by the way, in the project is incredibly large. After watching a small story clip, the user has to choose his character from the number represented. This is a responsible choice, since the abilities and characteristics of the protagonist depend on him. After you decide on a choice, you can immediately go on a trip to the colorful game universe, which prepared for the hero a lot of different tests. The project is divided into chapters, and they in turn consist of a multitude of levels on which the character is waiting for fights with merciless opponents, opportunities for modernization, communication with other actors and stuff, in short, everything, as in other multiplayer RPG projects. The task of each game stage is to destroy as many enemies as possible, which are orcs, goblins, skeletons and other representatives of the evil forces. The very process of the match is convenient and will not cause problems, since a virtual joystick is used that allows the protagonist to move around the location, and the set of active buttons allows to make attacks and strikes on opponents. It should be borne in mind that combinations of strikes are much more effective than single "slaps", as they cause simply crushing damage to enemies. There is also a special line with the currently available skills, but using them, it will take some time to wait until they are restored, so we recommend using them in the most extreme cases, when there are simply no other options.


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