The Hellish Hive

Role Adventure


The Hellish Hive is an adventurous RPG project that will transfer gamers to dark dungeons and cellars where many dangerous and repulsive creatures live. It is from them that you are to liberate all the structures, saving the inhabitants of a small village from the age-old curse and cruel "neighbors". The plot revolves around a small medieval village, the main attraction of which is the high tower. For many centuries the structure was not used by humans, but inquisitive adventurers discovered a laz in the tower wall that led to dark cellars and intricate catacombs. It's even surprising that for so long no one could have found the passage, because the local children climbed the tower far and wide ... People differ in incredible curiosity, so the local council decided to send to the study of the dungeons of one brave man to do intelligence for hidden objects Under the ground treasures and chests with gold coins. Already a few people have disappeared, having gone to a strange place, and only one hero managed to return, and told the villagers that there are treasures in the dungeons, but they are guarded by terrible monsters that tear everyone who is in their field of vision. It remains to find the only one who can clean the catacombs of filth, and they turned out to be a local priest, who will manage the user. At the start, the gamer is given an initial capital, with which you can buy weapons, equipment and medicines for serious injury. The protagonist should be extremely prudent, because the enemies are insanely many, and every monster is able to destroy the priest with just a couple of strokes. The combat system in the project is implemented in a step-by-step format, and, the right of the first move always belongs to the protagonist, it gives at least a small, but still an advantage.


The Hellish Hive
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