Chicken Attack: Takeo's Call

Role Rpg


Chicken Attack: Takeo's Call - although this novelty is positioned by developers as an RPG project, but there was a place for arcade elements, so the project was designed for a wider audience. Add to this a bright graphic design and you will see a perfect example of harmony of fascinating gameplay, devoid of complex features of role-playing products. If you have a little knowledge of English, then after reading the name of the novelty, you realized that the main characters in it are representatives of the detachment of chickens, which you will have to launch in the approaching from the top of the screen numerous enemies. At first glance, you can decide that this process is not at all difficult, but we hasten to assure you that this is a fundamentally wrong opinion, because the speed of everything happening on the screen of a mobile Android device is so high that even an experienced gamer at some moments may be confused. Lightning fast reaction - only this quality will allow to hold on long "afloat". At the disposal of the user comes three protagonists, and, one of them is the boss, so is in the middle, and the remaining characters just cover it from two flanks. The main game task is to destroy the aggressor before he can come close to your charges. If there is a breakthrough, you will lose one defender, and if you lose the second, you will lose. Enemies attack either one or more groups, only getting hit on the target can be expected to succeed, because after the shot the fighter needs some time to return to his original position. With the earned virtual money, you can improve the existing team, as well as buy new warriors, whose characteristics will allow much more effective combat operations.


Chicken Attack: Takeo's Call
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