Pocket Rogues

Role Rpg


Pocket Rogues - a pixel bagel for the Android platform, which sends a user on a journey through a gloomy and mysterious dungeon. According to an ancient legend, one who can go through all the underground labyrinths and get out of them in good health will become an incredibly rich man who has enough money for his own age and centuries ahead, that is, the descendants will not need anything. Many adventurers and amateurs of easy money have tried to pass the dungeon, but nobody was to get out of it in good health. According to rumors on guard of untold treasures there is an army of evil spirits - zombies, vampires, skeletons and other unpleasant characters who do not want to part with their wealth. So, if you download this game, then just like hundreds of other daredevils you have to go down to the ground, and how to know, maybe you will be lucky enough to get out alive and unharmed. Although we doubt it very much. All levels in the project are generated randomly, which means they are never repeated, therefore, the route will not be learned either. Every time, like the first! Behind all events, the user watches from above, controlling the protagonist through a conventional joystick and a set of active on-screen buttons. The character has a scale of mana and life. If the first after a certain time is automatically replenished, then health is much more difficult - it can only be filled with special potions located in locations, but it is not so easy to find them.


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