Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG

Role Rpg


Guild of Heroes - Fantasy RPG is a colorful RPG game, all events take place in real time format, and the user has to control the protagonist, travel through the magnificent universe and destroy monsters and evil spirits that will constantly stand on his way. After starting the application, you should first choose the gender and appearance of the protagonist, and there are quite a few options, so you can create a truly exclusive character. After that, without delaying our mission in the "long box", we go on a journey through the game world and free cities and villages from representatives of evil forces - orcs, skeletons, goblins and other mismatch creatures. Moving our fighter on the battlefield is provided by standard tapas, that is, where the user presses on the screen, there and go to his brave ward. In settlements, the user will meet local residents who will give quests and assignments for which the reward is placed. Attacks the character of enemies in an automatic format, only seeing them on the horizon, so in the combat system from the gamer is not enough, which depends. He can only use active skills, which are in the form of buttons at the bottom of the playing field. In between the liberation of villages from the undead you can go to the capital, where you can upgrade the virtual protagonist and his weapons for virtual money. Graphics in the project without exaggeration luxurious, it seems that the user is really transferred to an amazing fairy-tale world.
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