Calming Lia: Puzzle Adventure - Colorful adventure Android puzzle from the studio Mingle Games (for the developer this is only the second product), which introduces gamers to the adorable girl and her companion - a teddy bear named Bao.

Father and Son - a refined Android quest, endowed with an amazing atmosphere and beauty, which tells gamers about the relationship between son and father. To say that in this story everything is confusing - it's nothing to say!



Dash - despite the almost complete lack of graphics in the standard for gamers understanding, this Android puzzle is so exciting that it is capable of driving everyone crazy with intellectual pastime. The essence of the gameplay reaches the user's consciousness on an intuitive level even during the passage of the first level, but still explain.

Fergus The Fly - arcade Android puzzle from the developer "Evgeny Osmet", which is distributed completely free of charge and except for viewing infrequent commercials no longer delivers gamers no inconvenience.

Marble Dash - we bring to your attention Luxor Android-like game, which, despite the obvious copying of its legendary predecessor, still looks very worthy. The essence of the gameplay is simple and understandable, so the project is aimed at the widest user audience.

Smart - Brain Games - this Android puzzle from the studio Pixign inc is able to become not only an excellent time-killer, but also to allow the gamer to improve his own memory, performing a variety of game conditions and tasks. To go through all the levels of this logical game will require maximum concentration, jewelry accuracy and unmatched response.

Fancy Dogs - Puzzle Puppies - the main characters of this colorful Android puzzle with the elements of the simulator are puppies that can not sit on the spot for a long time and therefore constantly fall into a variety of funny situations.

Dood: The Puzzle Planet - a cute Android puzzle game with cool characters and curious mechanics of the gameplay. Controlling users is suggested by miniature pink droplets, trying to build the safest and most effective way, combining the hexes located on the playground in the right order.

Beep Beep Vroom is a logical Android game in which the user has to vacate parking spaces and the road from the vehicles standing there, so that the ambulance can easily travel to the patient in need of emergency assistance.

Stealth - hardcore action - we warn you, this casual Android game can be addictive, despite the laconic graphic design and poor design of the game levels, starting to play, most gamers will not be able to "jump off" from the fascinating gameplay.

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