Boom Boom Hamster Golf - this game is not necessary to be a good golfer. You just need to shoot a gun cute hamster in this extraordinary performance of the famous game. Given a choice of nine colorful islands, each of which is a hole, you need to get her hamster. You will meet with the monsters that inhabit these islands. They are all sorts of ways to harm and hinder get into the desired hole. Place the game on your Android device and you will be taken to the world of the extraordinary course.

My Farm - try to succeed in the agricultural sector on the new Android-farm! Transformed from inexperienced amateur gardener with a small piece of land to prominent farmer, employing dozens of companies. Discover and explore new plants are based, and guide farmers' club and compete in it with other users. You expect hundreds of quests and missions - they do not allow you homesick!

Doodle Basketball - unpretentious, but at the same time entertaining and addictive game for Android devices with real physics. The game is made entirely painted in the style sheet to the tetrad, which gives it an extraordinary atmosphere. Doodle Basketball goal to score the most points in each game level, using the least amount of goals. When clear of entering the basket you get extra balls. The better your accuracy, the more you will find a variety of bonuses.

Miracle Zoo - save the animals! - Great zoo simulation game for Android devices from the famous company Gameloft. Jacques is a cruel poacher for all animals great danger. He kidnaps the fauna, and their young children. The game's storyline starts with a safari, which aims to save the animals found himself in big trouble. Rescued animals you will see in his zoological park, where you have to take care of them, watch them grow and provide healthy offspring.

The HinterLands: Mining Game - create your own world, starting only from their own imagination. Obviously, some people are just not given to comprehend the secrets behind the beauty of games like MineCraft. What's so interesting, and why it has a huge number of users. But you can not argue with the fact, such projects always meet users happy and play The HinterLands: Mining Game fall into this group. A characteristic feature of the creators of the project referred to the fact that the game is designed specifically for the mobile platform. At this point the game is in alpha version, so regular written updates. The bottom line is centered on the construction and the mining industry are also present RPG elements. Just turned on the multiplayer games that developers tend to improve in the first place.

Ahead of prom night, and this is one of the most important days in the life of every man! Playing in the Prom Night Makeup pick for an exclusive and beautiful evening make-up. Choose from several modes: SPA, Meiko Up Jewellery. In the «SPA» you have to take care of skin and get rid of the hated peeling or acne. In the "Meiko Up" you have to put on the face makeup. And in the "Decorations" You have the opportunity to try on a different unique accessories.

Doctor X - Med School Game - become good doctors, and help kids! Choose one of the four patients in the game, which took place a nuisance: VELOBIKE drop from the tree and so on. All patients will be a variety of injuries: cuts, bruises, fractures, inflammation, and others. Medical instruments in the game is presented in a wide range, so no one will be left without professional help.

The history of the pet store. Summer - a simulator of the Zoological store. You start with a small shop in which there is only a couple of pets, but slowly you will create a paradise for our little brothers! Unlike many similar games in that you no one gives instructions - you're doing it at will! This fact distinguishes the project from their counterparts on the genre. Cute game in terms of graphics all pets look funky and happy!

Fantastic Spa Day - another interesting game for girls! Open a virtual SPA-center and provide services to their clients. Do facials, removes dirt on the surface of the skin, hair and dye your eyebrows, make popular now chocolate wrapping. The work you have to do a lot! Become a professional master of SPA-procedures. To play the game you need to install Adobe Air - otherwise the game just does not start.

A cafe - a great opportunity to create their own cafe! But do not just create it, but also to prepare the food - you take order from customers and start making different vkusnyashek! Go to the kitchen, turn on the gas stove and cook up, then add the necessary sauces and treat your visitors. The faster and more accurately you fulfill the order - the more points you can earn. Glasses and received a coin can be spent on improving and expanding its cafe: the acquisition of new tools and improved design cafe. The game has online and offline. In the first mode to you at the cafe will be coming "real" users and will make a "real" orders. After the service, they will appreciate your institution catering and you can take your place in our Hall of Fame!

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