Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 The tablet
Android 4.0.4
Screen:0.0" 280x800 px
Processor:2x 1 Ghz TI OMAP 4430
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:256x175x9.7 mm
Opening hours of standby time:0:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:0 hours
Weight 588 gram



HOOPS AR - Conduct further reality through your machine. This is, perhaps, the first product of this kind.
Gameplay is not an unusual name, so how to get the ball in the goal must be, in many games. Here the idea of ​​an Unusual implementation - pick up the machine and aim it at a sports card. So seems a basketball court with a ball and a basket player. Place the paper on the table and select the proper slope to ensure a comfortable view. Now you can start the actual game.

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Application Type:Free
Download game HOOPS AR
File Type:apk
File Size:14.47 MB
File Version:1.1
It is Version:android 2.1+
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