Tournaments of amateurs and professionals, network fights, complex tests in qualifying battles and additional tests for dexterity, savvy and correct vision of the overall situation - the World Bowling Championship sports project for the Android platform from the mobirix studio offers users to look at the world of bowling from different sides and try to get out the winner From every intense match.

Gladiators 3D - in this Android simulator, the user is to act as the Lanist, that is, the host of the gladiators - these are not ordinary mediocre gladiatorial fights, everything is much more complicated and more promising in terms of development. The gamer will have to go the long way of turning the ordinary lanist into the organizer of prestigious tournaments, the main audience of which will be the emperor himself.

Cartoon City 2: Farm to Town - turn a small village into a developed megalopolis, using for this a number of available gaming opportunities and tactical talents. Develop modern infrastructure, ennoble the streets, build residential and industrial facilities, in short, make sure that everyone in your virtual administrative unit feels the care and attention of the mayor.

Although domestic developers do not often pamper users with high-quality Android simulators on the subject of survival, but the Shadow of Kurgansk project ends up with a series of talentless projects of this genre. You have to survive in the journey through the radiation wasteland, always on guard, as in the district roam mutated creatures, hunting mostly at night.

Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game - casual time-manager for the Android platform, the gameplay of which assumes that the user performs actions to quickly serve visitors, with the further receipt of reward from them for their work. The first stages will not be particularly "strained" gamers, as there will not be too many orders, as well as customers.

Happy Cafe - we bring to your attention a casual Abdroid simulator from the guys from Nordcurrent, in which users are again invited to build and develop the functionality of their virtual fast food restaurant. Starts the gameplay with presentation to the chef's player, it is he who, in all colors and details, will tell about everything that in one way or another concerns the cafe.

Train Sim Builder - this Android simulator performs two tasks at once - allows the gamer to drive the locomotive and build a modern metropolis using available materials and kits. Connoisseurs of luxury graphics should immediately be warned - such is not new in the novelty, so if it's critical for you - we just pass by.

Crash Test Destruction is a three-dimensional Android simulator that allows you to conduct spectacular crash tests involving a variety of vehicles. According to the prehistory in the project, people left the planet after the global apocalypse, now the only inhabitants of the earth are mannequins.

A simple Android simulator on the automotive theme from the studio Fazo Games, the gameplay of which offers to engage users of the standard for this genre set of actions - to drive the vehicle on the road with a pretty busy traffic. A feature of the Highway Asphalt Racing project is that the gamer independently adjusts all parameters before the dynamic arrival.

Tiny Goat: Clicker Game - a simple Android clicker with elements of an economic simulator, according to the gameplay of which the user will be engaged in breeding and selling goats. The owner of a small farm in a local newspaper read an article from which it followed that a very lucrative business in recent times was the breeding of goats.

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