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Alpaca World HD + - a cool simulator of a cute and cute animal from South America - Alpaca. By and large, this is not just a simulator, it is a virtual farm for breeding these domestic cloven-hoofed animals. So, at your discretion, run a miniature, but very functional farm, where you have everything you need to grow alpaca. The main goal is to earn the maximum amount of money, selling at the fairs of their pupils, bringing them beforehand to the adult state. You will be surprised, but in the gameplay there are also elements of the action, as between the animals often there are fights for pastures with succulent grass, or for the female. And if in such a duel your "subordinate" wins, then his defeated opponent will replenish your flock. And, incidentally, in this way, you can significantly increase the alpac population, so do not neglect this method. Moves to locations are carried out via standard tapes on the screen of the mobile Android device, that is, where you tap, there and go the selected animal. And in the course of battles, the user simply needs to choose the appropriate one from the proposed actions, trying to inflict maximum damage on the opponent and force him to surrender. Of course, alpaca, like any other animal, badly needs quality care. It follows that the user needs to regularly feed, water, caress their wards, dress them up in beautiful costumes and just give love and care. Otherwise, the alpacas will simply take offense and scatter around the neighborhood, and it will be almost impossible to collect them back.


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