SuperCity: Build a city of wonders! - Another urban Android simulator, offering users extensive opportunities for the construction of a virtual city with an established infrastructure, and as a result, happy residents.

SHOTONLINE GOLF: World Championship - a good mobile golf, all events that unfold in the format of the present. Although we have an arcade in front of us, but there are plenty of simulator elements in it, and considering that real gamers from all over the world act as opponents of the user, the game deserves close attention.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow - the plot of this Android project from the guys from TinyCo revolves around the inhabitants of the world of Futurama, and the main game task is to save Fry to his beloved Lila.

Pixel Survival Game 3 - the next part of the casual "survivor" in pixel design for the Android platform from the studio Cowbeans. We appear in the forest area and try to prepare a place for further survival, synchronously fighting off regular attacks of walking dead and carnivorous animals.

Exploration New York City - bring to your attention the mobile Android sandbox, which borrowed from the original Minecraft all the best, sending the user into the shining lights of New York. As we have already said, in terms of design and atmosphere, this mobile application from the studio Fleury Games almost completely copies the masterpiece of the game industry from the studio Mojang.

Business Inc. - a new Android simulator on the subject of business development, which will test the gamer's abilities in this area, teach you to think in the right direction and quickly solve all the problems that arise. With all the intricacies of management and features of interaction with available content, the user will get acquainted in the learning process.

HorseWorld: Show Jumping - a three-dimensional simulator from the guys from Tivola, the main characters of which are gorgeous and graceful animals - horses of different colors and breeds. Equestrian competition is an entertaining and complex sport, and it is in it you are offered to practice this application.

My Pocket Pony is a casual and casual Android simulator, the main character of which is the charming big-eyed pony. According to the story, a small helpless pony was thrown at the doors of our virtual home, and we are to become a kind of parent for the baby to grow and bring up a healthy animal.

Driving Academy - India 3D is a three-dimensional Android simulator from the developers of the studio, in which the user gets the opportunity to test his driving skills by driving a virtual vehicle. The action, judging by the name of the project, unfolds on the streets and roads of India, and this should be taken into account from the position that the rules of the road in this country are slightly different from the usual traffic rules.

Kiki Fifi Pet Beauty Salon is a casual Android game, focused exclusively on the children's audience, in which the user has to give the virtual pet a stylish look and an original way, the good for this is the application has a large assortment of features.

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