Cute and harmless rodents, adoring cat and cat games, faithful and trained dogs - in the casual Android simulator Pet hotel: My animal boarding from the Tivola studio, gamers are given the opportunity to take care of all kinds of pets, running a special pet hotel .

MMA Pankration is a quality Android simulator designed to popularize such a spectacular sport as pankration. In the epicenter of the narrative - fights between high-class fighters of hand-to-hand combat, championships with an impressive prize fund, a curious interpretation of the training process.

Adorable kitten wants to find a cozy house and owner, who will do everything to take care of his four-footed friend, to give him warmth and affection. Instead, a virtual pet promises not only all mice in the lime district, but also allows its owner to earn extra money - for this it is enough to perform periodically light tasks that even a small child can cope with.

My Baby: Virtual Pet - we offer you an excellent casual way to check if you are ready to become a parent, taking care of all the caring for a small child - gameplay, although primitive, but not all users will be able to fully cope with all parental responsibilities .

The room, packed with boxes and cluttered with old correspondence, a knot with modifications of the genetic and biological format, several research areas and a recreation area for employees - locations in the Heroes Inc project for the Android platform are non-standard and leave a lot of questions after the visit.

Fizruk: The simulator of Thomas from TNT - fans of the same domestic series will love the mobile version of the adventures of the protagonist, filled with unpredictable moments, sparkling humor and quite life situations. Running the project gamer will see Nagieva, sitting like a mountain eagle on a chair in the original pose in the school gym.

The Meego is a casual Android project, in which several game genres perfectly fit together - simulator, strategy, quest and puzzle. We suggest users to build a primitive settlement, making the residents happy and advanced in terms of development against the background of more "ancient" neighbors.

Romantic Journey Love Story - juicyly designed youth Android novel with a romantic background, which tells a gamer about a company of friends who went by car to a nearby city to a concert of a popular band. Things are packed in suitcases, the SUV is tucked in and shine cleaned, the route is known, it remains only to sit down on the path and go on the road.

Orcs Epic Battle Simulator - we bring to your attention the combat Android strategy, which is timed to the large-scale fierce battles unfolding on the territory of the state of the orcs. Gamers have to stand at the head of a detachment of elite warriors and, having traveled from the boundless plains to the high mountain ranges, to destroy every enemy detachment that dares to resist.

Dessert Chain: Coffee Sweet - casual Android simulation simulator virtual cafeteria, implemented in cartoon graphics and offering users a wide range of opportunities to develop their business. Given that the project is exceptionally positive, and besides it paves the seeds of robust competition and business fundamentals for gamers, this casual simulator can be recommended to young children.

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