Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival - and again the user goes to the world, survived the global apocalypse, to try to survive in the midst of carnivorous zombies. The project is executed in polygonal graphics, and the gameplay assumes no stupid destruction of the cadavers, although this is also vital, and construction of shelter and extraction of resources. To all the rest, and kraft system will have to use to the maximum.

Apes Evolution World - disputes about the evolution of different species, including humans, have not been abated for several centuries. Developers of this Android gaming novelty offer users with a head to immerse themselves in the evolution of monkeys, which in the light of the recently released movie "Planet of the Apes: War" is a very topical topic.

Scary Shark Evolution 3D - cold and blood-thirsty look, swiftness and smoothness of movements, a sense of superiority over other underwater inhabitants, daily outings for fresh meat - the life of a shark is subject to its laws, where there is no place for pity and feelings.

Blue Bird Man Rider - this casual Android arcade will experience the dexterity of the user, but it is worthwhile to warn that simultaneously it will pass the test for strength and nervous system of the gamer, as the project from the guys from NobStudio is very difficult. So, you have to manage the protagonist, who put on a bird suit, the truth, for what he did, remains a mystery.

Spinwheels: 4 × 4 Extreme Mountain Climb - the maximum grip on the road, a powerful roaring engine that helps you to climb to the steepest slopes of game locations, extreme in everything and constant adrenaline in the blood - this Android simulator will please all fans of races over rough terrain.

Savanna Safari Craft: Animals - functionally perspective Android game with the possibilities of crafting and construction, as it is performed in the setting of the legendary Minecraft. Studio Tiny Dragon Adventure Games: Craft, Sport RPG basically specializes in creating similar projects, so you can be sure that this new product has absorbed all the best of the Sandbox.

Freelancer, he is a free employee - recently people who prefer this kind of earnings become more and more. Project Freelance Simulator: Game Developer Edition from the studio InterWave Media offers all comers to try their hand at this area, which only at first glance seems "manna from heaven".

Revolution Offroad: Spin Simulation - we hasten to present you another project from the popular game series from the studio Rooster Games, which is a three-dimensional Android simulator of the highest realism. Thanks to the impressive plausibility of the gameplay of this novelty weary of hardcore, so we would not recommend the project to novice off-road conquerors - we should start with something simpler.

Best Sniper - Shooting Hunter - three-dimensional Android shooter, performed in the setting of the global apocalypse. Too cunning scientists, discovering the skeleton of an unprecedented dinosaur before, decided to combine it with the human genome, and what happened from that, you'll learn by downloading this luxurious app. Traditionally, the scientists of the minds all went wrong, as a result of which terrible mutants of carnivorous nature were created in the laboratories.

Dream Girlfriend - if you like spending time, indulging in a realistic process of romantic dating, then this Android simulator from Asian developers will please you with wide gaming capabilities and a beautiful love story, the ending of which you will have to come up yourself. The main part of the game process in Dream Girlfriend is assigned to dialogues and communication between the characters.

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