World War ll Blitz - online strategy with multiplayer capabilities, sending users to the battlefield of World War II, which also found a place to use the collection cards. And, by and large, at this moment everything is tied up, but you can use the cards if certain conditions are met.

Cartoon City 2: Farm to Town - turn a small village into a developed megalopolis, using for this a number of available gaming opportunities and tactical talents. Develop modern infrastructure, ennoble the streets, build residential and industrial facilities, in short, make sure that everyone in your virtual administrative unit feels the care and attention of the mayor.

Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD - an exciting Android strategy from the studio CookApps, in which gamers need to protect the fortress wall from the enemy's attacking waves. The building that will be defended by the user is on the left side of the playing field. Initially, there is only one archer on it, and before the wall a noble knight in shining armor walks backward, armed with a shield and a massive hammer.

Tower Defense: Syndicate Heroes TD - another good representative of the genre of Tower Defense for the Android platform from the guys from stereo7 games, on the account of which several successful strategic projects. So, according to the story and the gameplay, users have to protect their native kingdom from the attacking forces of the aggressor.

Trivia Crack Heroes - an exciting Android strategy, diluted with elements of the puzzle, sending gamers to travel around the diverse locations of the enchanting universe. You are traditionally invited to turn into the greatest hero of all time and people, and this process is not easy and not fast.

TD: Tower Defense game - a curious strategy, performed in the setting of the Roman Empire, offering gamers to take advantage of Tower Defense capabilities to achieve their goals. So, according to the story, a few years ago in Britain came the units of Great Rome, which in a short time subordinated to themselves almost the entire territory of the island state.

Ancient Battle: Rome - another Android strategy from the guys from HexWar Games Ltd, all the actions in which unfold in the format of turn-based battles, and the theme chosen is the history of conquests and victories of the glorious Roman Empire.

Oracle Falls is a pretty interesting defensive Android strategy from the guys from Evil Robot Empire, who did not spoil the impression of their novelty by introducing intrusive advertising and commercial services. According to the game process, the user has to defend the approaches to a small island from the attacks of robotic machines.

Super farm - this mobile Android farm from its many colleagues is different in that it offers a gamer to manage the actions of a variety of main characters, and, depending on the choice, the locations and assignments change.

Pixel Starships - Android space strategy with elements of the simulator, the purpose of which is to build its base and battles with users from around the world. From the plot we learn that the protagonist was born eighteen years ago on a small planet.

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