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OMG: TD! - a typical representative of Tower Defense, which under the full control of the gamer receives a squad of Gods of Greece, which protect the world from the bloodthirsty monsters pouring from the numerous portals opened by the treacherous high priest. For centuries, celestials have guarded the world of people from any threats, thanks to which peace and prosperity ensued on the earth. But, as always, nothing can last forever, and soon the Gods of Olympus will again face each other with a new danger. The first protagonist, which is accessible to a gamer, is young Artemis, masterful archery, so she can destroy enemies at long range in any element - under water, on land and in the air. Then at your disposal will come the god of war Ares, not distinguished by speed, but possessing a powerful blow, each of which is enough to destroy any monster. Gradually, other celestials will become available, each of which is endowed with its own parameters, pluses and minuses. But by cooperating the efforts of different characters, you can achieve an ideal balance and win by almost any opposition, with the least loss. Each level involves performing only one task - to destroy the attacking enemy unit. Naturally, the number of enemies with each level increases, they become smarter, stronger and more insidious, using non-standard methods of warfare. If the enemy reaches the main base - the stage is counted as lost, try not to let it happen in any case, for which you carefully plan each step - after all, strategy plays a significant role in this project.


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