Titanfall: Assault

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Titanfall: Assault - a rattling mix of real-time strategy and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The user gets at his disposal two towers, three control points and sent to fantastic locations, where he will constantly overcome military hardships and systematically destroy numerous enemies that differ not only in appearance but also in combat parameters. By and large, this novelty from the studio NEXON M Inc. Is a crazy mix consisting of retro strategies, progressive MOBA projects, Tower Defense elements and tactical component using a limited number of units to achieve the goal. The gamer, making his choice in favor of bonuses or additional troops, is obliged in a short time to destroy the main enemy tower. Units are powerful and perfectly armed titans, as well as fast and brisk pilots, and as bonuses are sometimes given to light infantry, landing and heavy, but formidable bombers. Bonuses are given only in case of successful performance of combat operations, that is, no one will provide you with beautiful eyes. The gameplay of Titanfall: Assault is lightning fast, the units of the user and his opponent destroy each other mercilessly, but immediately you should be warned, it's insanely boring to interact with artificial intelligence, so it's worth choosing real gamers to opponents, though, to wait for them takes quite a long time. Titanfall: Assault - an excellent Android strategy, which once again confirms that a successful transition from MOBA to strategies is possible. Adored the strategy, the user without any problems will find in this novelty an association with similar projects, but it is definitely worth the time spent on it.


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