Holy TD

Strategies Tower Defense


Holy TD - another Android project, made in the format of Tower Defense, the red thread through which there passes the eternal confrontation between the forces of Good and Evil, which comes with varying success. The user is traditionally assigned the Light Side, although in our opinion, the opposite forces are much more interesting in terms of color and possibilities. So, the priests day and night prayed to the Most High, observed fasts, vows and in every way deserved God's indulgence. But, you see, they did not succeed very much in this business, because one day they were suddenly attacked by demons and devils. It's time to put aside the life-giving cross and the Bible, and to take up arms in order to rebuff the otherworldly evil. For this the gamer is given quite extensive opportunities - a special catapult, a unit of janitors and other funny characters and mechanisms that easily destroy not only ordinary devils, but also the commanders-in-chief of the army of Darkness - demons. The creators of the Holy TD project, it seems, with all humor and fantasy, all in an open manner, except for unambiguous user dialogues with the abbot podshofe, young light-mindedness and other colorful characters, he expects original and atypical for games of this genre defensive structures, as well as tons of bonuses, Which sometimes remains the last hope. At the same time, it's worth to warn you - to fight with evil spirits in the Holy TD project on a sober head is simply ineffective, so take "on the chest" more Cahors and go to your godfather trip.


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