Art of War: Last Day

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Art of War: Last Day - a typical representative of the genre Massively Multiplayer Online Game, in which the user has to fight with artificial intelligence in the face of the host computer, who decided that it's time for people to cease to exist on planet Earth. To admit this, of course, in no case it is impossible, so install the application on your mobile Android devices and prove that humanity, united, is able to cope with any threat, even on a global scale. Any conceptually new ideas in the implementation of gameplay in the draft Art of War: Last Day can not be expected - in front of you a standard multiplayer strategy. First, we should worry about the material and technical side of the issue - we build and strengthen our base, extract useful resources, provide everyone living with food and drinking water. Having dealt with this issue, one should think about the number and combat capability of its army - we build as many barracks as possible, which will allow us to hire even more units belonging to different kinds of troops (infantry, artillery, aviation, etc.). When all the preparatory stages are successfully passed, we go to the global map and choose a weaker "victim", which we successfully conquer, capturing new territories and appropriating the resources of the losing side. All battles are realized on a full "machine", in other words, when they meet each other, the troops start attacking each other independently; in this case, nothing depends entirely on the user: he is an outside observer, nothing more.


Art of War: Last Day
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date of download 2017-06-15
Android 0+
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