We present to your attention the pixel Android game, which although it is a strategy, but has an exclusively casual character, as it uses the mechanics of a standard clicker. We help the protagonist, who is the purposeful dragon, to realize his old dream - to visit as many royal castles as possible, and "gut" them to the ground, appropriating all the treasures and gold reserves.

Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD - another representative of the genre of Tower Defense from the young studio LMH, so we will not strictly judge the guys, because in general they got a distinct project, not inferior in quality to the products of more famous developers.

Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games is a card based online strategy for the Android platform that draws gamers' attention to the fact that real opponents in the virtual confrontation are real players from all over the world, which is at the center of competing motives.

CastleClicker is a solid mix from a simulator of the economic direction and a standard clicker from the mAPPle studio. Gaming events take place in the medieval universe, where the gamer acts as a monarch, favoring the prosperity of his kingdom. Initially, at the disposal of the gamer comes resources - minerals, ore, timber and so on, as well as employees from among the royal subjects.

SuperCity: Build a city of wonders! - Another urban Android simulator, offering users extensive opportunities for the construction of a virtual city with an established infrastructure, and as a result, happy residents.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare - casual strategy, the theme of which is the age-old confrontation between people and walking dead, more than anything, the developers of fantasy, unfortunately, is not enough. So, on a planet the zombie apocalypse has unexpectedly burst out, now there are only two camps - the surviving people and cadavers who fight each other for life and death.

Winions: Mana Champions - we bring to your attention the Android card strategy from the studio NEXON M Inc., executed in juicy graphics and supplemented with quality animation. The main task is standard for a similar genre - to defeat all enemies in fierce battles.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow - the plot of this Android project from the guys from TinyCo revolves around the inhabitants of the world of Futurama, and the main game task is to save Fry to his beloved Lila.

Raid CLA: Real-time Strategy - turn-based Android strategy, all events that occur in a real-time format. But in addition to strategic elements in the project, you can see the elements of the card RPG and clarify the relationship by collision wall to wall.

Animarium is a simulator from the guys from BlackBears, the task of the user is to breed quite unusual pets of the original appearance. The gameplay project is most like clickers, only the role of tapas is performed by svaypas from side to side, that's the whole difference.

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