Warlanders - endless territories for development, aggressive neighbors, regularly attacking your possessions, strong guys, from which you can form combat units, a development system that allows you to pump your units to the maximum.

Tropic Town: Island City Bay - another representative of the genre of economic Android strategies, sending the user to develop a small island, lost somewhere in the boundless ocean. It is completely empty, and your task is to make it suitable for life, creating the necessary infrastructure for this.

Space Commander - space strategy, providing a multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete in skill with other real players from around the world. The game has a lot of locations, and the gameplay is reduced to the destruction of the maximum number of attacking waves of aggressively-minded alien invaders.

"Can you survive in NEO Scavenger for as long as possible?" - the developers of this indie RPG project from the studio of Blue Bottle Games are interested in. And this is not idle curiosity, it is the conceptual motive of this exciting novelty. For those who do not know we say that NEO Scavenger was originally created for the PC platform, and a week later the product was dreamed of by millions of gamers from around the world.

Tank Battle: Pacific - executed in full accordance with the declared genre of Android strategy, the key elements of which are tank units. Armor is strong, and our tanks are fast - with this turn-based game from the guys from HexWar Games Ltd the gamer has a chance to test this statement in practice. By the way, this studio is engaged in creating strategies solely on military topics, and some of its novelties are not cheap.

RF Online M - pain and despair, a lot of protagonists, met with each other in the unrestrained dance of death, limitless opportunities to improve each warrior and magnificent beauty of the location. It is not possible to describe the world and the possibilities of the project from the ACBC studio with words - the extravaganza of colors and the constant action without stops and breaks, this is only a small part of flattering words related to this masterpiece.

Card Monsters is a luxuriously designed and abundant gaming-enabled Android card game, in which to the gamer's services hundreds of the most amazing collection cards of different dignity and power. Of course, with the mastodons of the genre, this novelty can not compete, but for beginners it can become an excellent springboard for honing skill and recruiting a rich gaming experience.

For Kakao - we bring to your attention a city-building Android simulator from Asian developers, in which users will have to deal with the construction, improvement and establishment of the infrastructure of a virtual metropolis. Become a world famous architect, harmoniously realizing all your ideas and creative delights!

Tale Seeker - go on a stunning journey with this Android game, which is a mix of such popular genres as RPG, "three in a row" and a card strategy. Created in an anime style, the Tale Seeker project attracts attention with a riot of colors, a huge selection of characters, a progressive development system for its wards and a sea of ​​awards for the successful completion of tasks.

Influence - at first glance, this Android strategy seems incomprehensible and primitive. But on closer examination, it's only worth devoting some time to learning, the game is incredibly exciting, because it offers to compete in tactical thinking to users from all over the world - it's not stupid artificial intelligence.

This section presents a strategic game for android tablets, which can be downloaded for free! The game can be incorporated into several sections and have several features. We are the best games on Android. Strategy games are added daily to the plates in our collection