Angry Birds: Ace Fighter - the main operating entities of the Android arcade are legendary evil green pigs and birds. Help feathered creatures to defeat aggressive pigs, returning peace and tranquility in the beautiful land of the world.

Angry Birds Action -! New dynamic Android arcade game in which the user will perform in the role of savior of the precious eggs. This project was created in honor of the imminent release a full-length animated film based on the famous franchise from the company Rovio.

While some seek vengeance users unusual surprise implementing gameplay and unusual concept, while others aggressively develop "standard" gaming product, which had at one time a frenzied popularity.

Angry Birds Transformers - new adventures Evil Birds for Android again go beyond the classical genre. This time it's a cross between a platformer and a runner.

Angry Birds Star Wars II - it's finally happened! Experience the epic sequel to the number one, which is based on the history titled Star Wars! Take the dark side or use the Force to destroy the vile pig-Federation.

Angry Birds Seasons Abra-Ca-Bacon - another update of evil birds that beat all conceivable records of popularity! These updates contain more than three levels, so if you have not played (though it is doubtful) in the past

Angry Birds Friends - another part of the famous game series about the evil birds who are outraged to the limit of vile behavior of the green pigs. This kind of addition to the already existing social network Facebook game.

Winter in the yard, off the northern lights, and it seems that the earth is at peace ... yet on the horizon appear evil pigs! The birds are eager to turn hryushek in Christmas ham! Meet the winter snowy landscape! Complete 25 new levels, just one day before the Christmas holidays! Use in the fight against swine new elements from the ice! PS: In order to gain access to each of the following everyday level, you must have an active Internet connection.

Once again, the Finnish studio Rovio pleases us your masterpiece, this time players waiting addictive gameplay with the project Angry Birds Star Wars. The game in itself combines unparalleled gameplay "Angry Birds" with an entourage of legendary space saga "Star Wars." From now on, the birds can not just explode, they have appeared in the arsenal of lasers, lightsabers, and of course, power. Fans of George Lucas film series easy to compare birds with characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker, a crafty pig disguised as a Darth Vader and his stormtroopers.

Angry Birds Seasons: Haunted Hogs! - The battle between birds and pigs continues. This time pigs help otherworldly forces, and the feast of Halloween on their side stood their odnoplemenniki from another world. It is unlikely that you know how many pigs were sent during the lifetime of the game to the hereafter. And now dead pigs ready for the act of retribution. Pigs lured birds in an old mansion, full of magic and ghosts, and agreed with them once and for all.