My Country (My Country) strategy game.
Excellent news! Hello Kitty has just opened her own beauty salon and takes you as a clerk! Now your daily life is converted into alternating making significant decisions. You do not wish that Hello Kitty and calculated upset you with the service? You must know that you need to start an effective business and prosperity. And do not forget about earnings, because for this money you are able to do a lot to own a small yet salonchika beauty. After all, the town of Sanrio needs it! Now you have a half-baked responsibilities: rental or purchase of miscellaneous equipment, staffing (a close watch for this item, because of the staff depends very much) and the decoration of interior decoration, to your customers were in ecstasy. And if the customers will be happy, even Hello Kitty will hit you with his praise.
Simulator cafes. Become the manager of your own cafe. Kairosoft flatters us another original masterpiece. Would you ever open your own restaurant? Now you have the chance. In the game you have to choose what dishes to file, what chefs to hire and much more. Once you start a game and you are not stuck.
In this arcade game you have to help the owners of the four restaurants. Visitors find their seats, take orders, serve drinks and food.
In this economic strategy, you have to work to run a restaurant. Invite top chefs create unusual dishes, waiters educate, create the original design of its institution!
Stand on the post of director of a construction company! Design and erect restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, amusement parks! Hire workers, purchase materials, and expand the zone of influence and displace competitors.
Mega Mall Story - it is a business strategy in which you will provide leadership over personal trading center. Meet the needs of your customers, use the proceeds to build the newest stores, which will give you even more revenue! The main symptoms of your success - make money, lots of shops and plenty of regular customers. Earn fame and become a five-star mega store, all in your hands. In the game about fifty shopping centers, and the total duration of the game will be more than twenty hours
You have to help the heroine Jane build a beautiful 5-star hotel, with original interior! They start with a small 2-star hotel on the outskirts of the city. But you will upgrade your charming hotel that further work on your reputation.
In this game you control a shopping center. First you need to build it, and then open there shops, cafes, ice skating and much more at your discretion. An advertising campaign to attract more customers and become more competitive.

The point of this game is that you have to help her stylist named Sally. It has a network of SPA salons, but she needed to earn money, to become famous in Hollywood.