Cribbage Pro - an exciting Android puzzle in which the main elements of interaction are maps, and based on the rules of the game "Cribbage." This is a popular card game in the US and England, designed for two participants, whose goal, using special combinations to score 121 points.

At the same table as competitors, Finn and Jake are two characters in the popular animated film "The Time of Adventure", very soon a fascinating game will begin with the use of a special deck!

Goon Squad - many gamers are certainly familiar with an online strategic project, like Clash Royale, which is the standard of its genre. We offer you a similar game, the main theme of which is the criminal world and everything that is associated with it in one way or another.

Sentinel Wonderland - present to you the card Android novel, inspired by the literary works of the famous Lewis Carroll. World Events begin after the events described Carroll