Dynamic and gambling cockroach races! Maybe, cock fights and more spectacular, but the talk today is not about them. Roach Races - online real race track, where the runners are the baleen cockroaches. It is not those nasty kitchen

Bounty Monkey - endless futuristic runner. But not the usual, and made in 2D, meaning you will see your character from the outside, but not as usual from the back.
Ninja Joe - in the game twenty-five levels divided into three types of locations - the desert, jungles and glaciers. Be careful not dinosaurs, but they are you still able to escape, but to join the fight

Grim Joggers - you control a group consisting of fifteen people who are running from point A to point B. However, the finish will get not all, only a small part, as in the way of runners will come across all sorts of obstacles, traps, chasm.

Zombie Run HD - runner, based at the famous Temple Run. This time you are the zombies. Well, like the developers of these characters, there's nothing to be done. In the game you are haunted by medieval knights, and you, as always, have to get away from them.

Temple Run: OZ - an exciting and dangerous adventure that is waiting for the main character in the famous yellow brick road. Look forward to an amazing act, transporting the player into the atmosphere of the recently released movie on the screens of the country.

Cave Runner 3D - excellent runner, in which you have to run to get out of the collapsing cave. On the way, you need to collect the gems to increase coverage, but remember that time in the game is working against you, and the different obstacles you will have to brake!

Game Ninja Sprint tells us an interesting story about a cat-ninja named Neko, which destroys the monster who attacked her cute little town. The gameplay is a mixture of platforming and runner, so be prepared to overcome the eight dozen fast-paced and exciting levels.

Lost Temple II - excellent runner with beautiful graphics and colorful landscapes. Choose a character and start the race on fairly hard way, overcoming all obstacles, including Abyss, boxes, monsters and weapons. During his race collect useful bonuses for the development of your character!

Scorch's Run - a dynamic runner, the basis of which was taken by the famous animated film "Escape from Planet Earth." You have to help the main character to save his son, brother, husband, what can I say, he has to save the planet.