The mobile entertainment industry theme of the First and Second World Wars lit quite extensively, as evidenced by the large number of shooters for the Android platform. However, the authors of the project in 1965 WAR decided to pay attention to such armed conflict as a war between Pakistan and India.

Counter Terrorist Shoot - offline dynamic shooter for Android devices with a wide range of modes and levels for passage. After starting four gamers game locations, which is available after selecting the mode, you must try to get by with the least losses.

Unfortunately, a distinct history project developers Dinosaur Hunter Dino City 2017 users are not offered. Because this is guessing yourself, how exactly way the prehistoric reptiles were on the streets of the city, and began the systematic destruction and cruel

Navy Seal Sniper Winter War - dynamic shooter for Android devices, in the form of first-person gameplay that invites us to spy theme. Founders of the project for some reason did not want to suffer from the creation of an exclusive game of the product

Red Superhot Shooter 3D - three-dimensional Android action, offering the user to enter into a confrontation with a lot of dangerous enemies! In the classic mode, you need to destroy a specific number of enemies, and in survival mode, the user has to try

Inferno Squad - a new 3D shooter for Android devices, in the form of first-person, in which gamers have to fight with the aggressive aliens. Acting as a necessary space commandos

Death Strike Multiplayer FPS - Android dimensional shooter, in which there is a multiplayer mode, and therefore, you can invite your friends to the game, or other gamers from around the globe.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade - another game in the series about the legendary world of Warhammer. This time, gamers are invited to take the role of a noble knight, tirelessly fighting the forces of evil and chaos.

Elite Killer: SWAT - Android dimensional dynamic shooter with enough high-quality graphics and addictive gameplay. Penetrate deep behind enemy lines and destroy the military base. With this game the war against global terrorism comes to an entirely new level.

Space Jet - present to your attention a three-dimensional Android shooter, before the user opens the boundless space, which, in fact, will lead a fierce battle with the enemy ships.