In this arcade game you play as Ezio and Altair at two different epochs of the holy city of Constantinople, and you will discover a secret brotherhood Assassin. Destroy enemies with a dangerous killer techniques and movements.



Wonderful game based on the movie X-Men Origins Wolverine. In the game you're playing for a Wolverine, you have to go to the movie's plot and a small extension. Use all the agility, strength and agility of Wolverine, in the struggle against the enemies.

Once, in a fairy-tale kingdom, all residents and fairy-tale characters gathered to celebrate the union of the young prince with his beautiful lover. But suddenly the princess dies, and grief-stricken prince, decided to commit suicide ...
The game take place in 1191, when the Third Crusade turned into a personal quarrel leaders of Christian and Muslim worlds. After the capture of the port Acra, Richard the Lionheart is preparing to inflict a final defeat Saladin in Jerusalem. Stop bloody war can only eliminate all those who benefit from it.

Rune Raiders - a game that combines several genres - RPG, puzzle and strategy. In the game you have to lead a team of heroes and a journey, full of dangers, fight with lots of enemies and get untold treasures ...