Hidden Objects: Circus is a colorful Android game, in the gameplay, which is dominated by actions to find items with a passing solution of puzzles of varying complexity. This freeware game from the studio Midva.Games will give users the opportunity to develop observation, visual memory and accuracy, because some items are hidden just fine.

The main heroine of this puzzle is the girl Claire - a famous adventurer, specializing in the search for ancient treasures and rarities that have sunk into the nonexistence of civilizations, and, in search of the heroine, she visits the ocean expanses and high mountains and gloomy caves.

Hidden Objects: House Cleaning 2 - the routine process of bringing order to the house few people delighted. But the creators of this game, apparently, think otherwise, if they released the second part - not enough, apparently, users cleaned up last time.

The Hidden Objects project : Love in Paris for the Android platform is the logical continuation of the popular game series from the category of "objects search" from guys from Webelinx Hidden Object Games, who specialize in this genre. We invite users to go on a trip to the mysterious world of the most famous world capital - Paris.

Hidden Object: Las Vegas Case - a colorfully designed detective Android story, implemented in the "search for items" format and equipped with competitive modes, increasing difficulty levels and informative story inserts to help the user get to know everything.

The next link in the endless conveyor for the creation of the same type representatives of the "search for items" from the studio Webelinx Hidden Object Games, which specializes exclusively in this genre. This time, users have to go to an amazing virtual garden and find all the items issued at each level in the form of a list.

Time Trap - Hidden Objects - the events of this quest will send the user to the world that survived the global apocalypse. The main task is to find the disappeared correspondent, traveling through vacant buildings, parks and streets. Regarding the gameplay and opportunities in the project, everything is in order, the graphical component has slightly pumped up, which looks like something vague and depressing against the background of other modern analogs.

The House of Nightmares - the theme of the study of old houses, storing sinister secrets, in the genre the quest is fully exploited. And the novelty from the studio Fox Art Games also decided to take as a basis just such a storyline.

Hidden Objects Fashion Store - a colorful puzzle on the subject search for items from the studio Midva, which can only be passed by the most attentive and keen gamers. All game events unfold in a closed space - a fashion boutique.

HE: The Crown of Solomon is another representative of the popular genre, in which the gamer is to search for objects, interact with interactive objects, explore detailed scenes, solve logic puzzles and puzzles, immersing himself in a fascinating plot.