Aircraft Online - Take control of a powerful combat aircraft and the task given to you command, as well as get for the successful execution of the mission money. On the accumulated funds, purchase new aircraft, in order to destroy all the enemies without a problem.

4 Photo 1 word - you have to guess what unites all four, you demonstrated illustration. What single word can replace all four images? This game not only young people but also adults.

BattleShip - a board game that everyone knows and loves from childhood, but this version with advanced functionality. In addition to the ships here present aircraft, mines, and air defense.

Project Hunter - explore the open world in search of different living creatures: wolves, bears, foxes, wild boars and other fauna. You have to show all their skills and knowledge in the hunt for the forest inhabitants.

Twisted Lands: Insomniac - another of the exciting quest. The main character Angel woke up on a hospital bed. Something always beckons her along, and she carried a vision in a strange place.

"Teremok" - a colorful interactive multimedia book for younger users. This is the first national children's book for portable devices with the utmost level of interactivity.

Toy Story: Smash It - the legendary and is a favorite with all audiences, animated film - Toy Story, was honored by the attention, and Android devices. This excellent 3D puzzle, with adorable characters, the player will undergo an interesting trip through six dozen levels, solving puzzles along the way, earning points by fighting the aliens for their toy world.

Where's My Valentine - Meet dozens of exclusive romantic levels with famous characters Swamp and Perry! Swamp is an extraordinary crocodile, it compelling and curious and worships cleanliness! You need to fix his shower to restore water, as the water in the tap suddenly it was over, and he was very sad.

Grimlinov rides - a set of two dozen funny arcade mini-games in which the player to pass to undo reaction. Despite the control of a single button and a bright cartoon graphics, this game do not dare to classify the category of games for the children, because of the time limit to pass the levels is difficult even for an adult.