Hidden Objects Living Room - thoroughly explore all the rooms and corridors of the big house. Locate in the living room, which, apparently, for a long time nobody was tidied up, there is a hidden valuable objects. Use discernment and observation

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town - on a plot of Android games, a well-known lawyer once the message arrives. The letter says that your uncle, with whom you were not even familiar with, suddenly died, and all his impressive legacy

In an era of sharp shooter and shooters hard to find exciting and developing Android game, which is designed to train logical thinking and at the same time gives you the opportunity to relax. The project called Hidden Object: Messy Kitchen

Austria New Free Hidden Object - suggest you take a stroll through the streets of the beautiful Austrian town, finding while walking a lot of hidden objects. Develop own care and logical thinking in this exciting and colorful puzzle Android

Fotokot: Find a cat - it's Android app is designed to train care by offering to find the photos meow pets. This game can be especially recommend those gamers

Spot the Difference - entertaining Android quiz mechanics that is familiar to many users. Simple gameplay involves finding ten differences on two seemingly identical pictures.

Introducing the attention of Android users a new project from the studio «Mad Gears», called Criminal Crime Investigation. This game though and has a certain similarity with the traditional quest, but in reality is another

Florida to New York Vacation - you will find a fascinating journey through numerous cities of North America. Try to find all the items hidden in the colorful gaming locations. In this Android game related to the genre of "hidden object"

Hidden object - gather and carefully inspect every nook and cranny of the room or other premises where to send you this Android game, referring to the genre of "hidden object". Find all the hidden objects on the playing level.

Hidden Object Mystery Society - one of the Android game heroine suddenly faced with a series of seemingly completely unrelated to each other murders that seemed to her to such an extent the country