Liege - Bastogne - Liège, Flanders Tour, Fløche Valonne, Giro di Lombardy, Tour de France and many other monumental cycling races invariably attract viewers from all over the world who closely follow developments on the highway, rooting for leaders and supporting outsiders.

Skateboard Girls vs Boys - sports Android simulator, which opens before the gamer the whole gamut of emotions experienced in the process of skateboarding. The protagonist of this game novelty is a certain young man who adores touring around the city on a skateboard, and not just to ride, but to perform in passing all sorts of tricks, jumps, dizzying somersaults and other spectacular feints.

Flick Champions Extreme Sports - we present to your attention a collection of exciting sports mini-games for the adherents of hardcore gameplay. Hover around the locations on the hang-glider, conquer the mountain slopes, dissect the waves on the impetuous boat. The project rightfully can be considered a typical timeclimer, which does not load the user with a complex plot, but gives a lot of positive emotions.

HorseWorld: Show Jumping - a three-dimensional simulator from the guys from Tivola, the main characters of which are gorgeous and graceful animals - horses of different colors and breeds. Equestrian competition is an entertaining and complex sport, and it is in it you are offered to practice this application.

Mascot Dunks - sports Android arcade for basketball themes, the characters of which are quite funny characters. The gameplay is incredibly simple, and therefore the game can be attributed to casual, that is, designed for the widest user audience - from small to large.

TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2016 - Solid project from another developer studio the Glu, endowed with high quality graphics, physics decent level control with one touch and a lot of opportunities to use individual tactics.

Some gamers do not like sports projects, especially if they are a classical implementation, but in this game the novelty all completely different, it is crazy, and that's it! Drawing pixel, simple, surprise nothing is capable of.

Barangay Basketball - bring to your attention the arcade Android basketball with intuitive controls and unusual for this genre of anime graphics. The main character, whose name is Wax loves basketball, so decides to create a team, to become the city champion.

Cricket Premier League - fans crowd, the intensity of sports passion, following the rules and a true celebration of sport awaits you in this colorful three-dimensional Android game, dedicated to this discipline as cricket.

Skeet shooting 3D - racing game in which you are encouraged to check their accuracy, shooting at flying pigeon with a rifle. Try to bring down the plates with the first shot. Upgrade your gaming skills by shooting at different targets.