Spot the difference - a puzzle for devices Android, whose name speaks for itself. At each level, the user is waiting for the two images, which are from each other virtually indistinguishable.

Color Quiz


Color Quiz - - the essence of the game is extremely simple, but the move to solve all the problems the game you just will not work. On each level you will see in front of him a few strokes of different colors, and you will need them

Find the differences - an exciting and fun puzzle game for Android users of any age with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay subconsciously. Find on randomly generated game levels differences



Exciting game-horror story where your main task - to listen carefully to the surrounding sounds. Aftersound - Android unusual game in which the main slope is made ​​to sound.

With the use of time and develop your care will help platform game for Android - Spot the Difference 2. Users have the ability to increase the image presented to simplify the search for differences.

Omoshiroi Spot the Difference - this game will require you to full attention and excellent visual memory. It is neither more nor less than an addictive puzzle game in which you will find differences on the presented images.

Stomach surgery - all the faint of heart, please pass this simulator for Android side. The others have an excellent opportunity to try their hand in medicine, namely, to surgery.

What has changed? - A whole new gaming genre for Android. In the picture for some time (a few seconds) something changes - you should notice a change and to celebrate this tapom this place.

Find the cat - an exciting game for the passage of which you will need incredible perseverance and concentration. Looking through the images presented in the game, you will need to search for images of cats

Find The Difference - find the differences between two pictures. The meaning of the game is extremely simple: the screen appears to the user two images, which at first glance quite similar. However, a more painstaking inspection you find the differences between them than you do it faster, the more points you get and the game will occupy the leading place in the global league table. On each image to find four differences. Find The Difference is often updated, so the levels become more and more.