Furby Connect World - a casual Android project designed for young children, which is based on the principles of Tamagotchi, as a funny animal arrives at the disposal of the player, who will certainly cheer up and laugh with his actions and ridiculous habits.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump - fans of pocket monsters, for sure, know such a weak and by and large useless Pokemon, like Magiccarp. So, he is the main character of this game novelty from The Pokemon Company.

My Bear Valerka is an unusual Android Tamagotchi, in which the role of the main character is not any real animal, but made from red marmalade a charming bear named Valerka. And, in spite of this, the character has tremendous facial expressions and his character, that a gamer must be considered in the process of meeting all the needs of a virtual pupil.

My Virtual Manga Girl - unusual simulator virtual heroine, implemented in "manga style", which prompts the user to look after a cute girl and try to cheer her up.

Hamster Life - This Android game for those users who want to have a cute pet such as a hamster, but for some reason can not afford it at the moment allow. The application refers to the popular genre Tamagotchi.

BeeSmarty: Tamagochi - present to your attention an Android application oriented gamers who like to care for a virtual pet.

Furby BOOM - application platform Android, which allows you to have in your mobile device unusual virtual pet, conquered in the late 90s of the last century, almost the whole world.

Pocket Shrek - Android game is a three-dimensional from the studio «No Yetis Allowed», which is a fascinating genre Tamagotchi option, where users only need that in every possible way to take care of an amazing virtual pet (Shrek or Donkey)

Tinymals - representative of the genre Tamagotchi for the platform Android. If you are by virtue of their age do not remember those times when many people of different ages, on the keys instead of fob hung a little game called Tamagotchi

My Om Nom - known for its masterpiece puzzles the company «ZeptoLab», again, Android users happy continuation of the famous game about a cute and curious character, whose name is Om Nom.