Tropical Stormfront - a strategy in real time. Events unfolding in the hot tropics. You have to take the command of the troops and join the never-ending, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. Stand up for freedom, fighting against the forces of evil. The game has a multiplayer mode.

Angry World War 2 - You have to destroy the hordes of villains variety of techniques. Your stock will be devastating grenades, powerful tanks and ultra aircraft. You can erase the enemy into a fine powder that you have on hand. Even with a simple brick can be won. Gameplay is curious that, after any accurate shot from a gun or a grenade after any stored trajectory, therefore, have the opportunity to improve their shooting skills by learning from mistakes. In the game a lot of exciting and inimitable regimes, for example, the enemies throwing grenades, shooting enemy troops and downing aircraft. In order to make the gameplay even more lively, you can destroy the enemies on the battlefield with his friends. To do this, you need to select multiplayer mode. Beautiful gameplay looks great in the frame of the wonderful hand-drawn graphics.