Loopine is a casual Android puzzle for attentiveness from the guys from Pyrosphere, having an unconventional level design and a large number of them. Unfortunately, there is no musical accompaniment in the project and there is no trace, although, perhaps, this is for the better, because for the passage you will need maximum concentration, and distracting factors will only interfere.

Not Not - A Brain-Buster - this novelty from Altshift can help the user to spend a free minute, experiencing his dexterity, attention and stability of the psyche. The design is simple, but the design is not devoid of its style, accompanied by a smooth animation.

Gettin 'Fat - a game designed to test your attentiveness and agility. The user will act as a small spider that eats bees, wasps, flies and other insects, caught up in his field of vision.

BATH WITH DAD simulator 2015 - according to the plot of the game, the little boy went into the weekend with his father in the public bath. And after a while the boy realized that he was lost among the multitude of bare male bodies

Spot The Differences 2 - present to your attention the game Android, which is able to train your gray matter of the brain and develop the maximum care.

Postman Clicker - this game offers you a while to become a postman who needs to package all packages and parcels according to the country of destination. Pipelining move parcels with fixed

Thimbles - a simple but at the same time exciting game of chance Android. Rules are clear and easy - you just need to guess at how exactly is a ball cap.

Look for small animals! - This puzzle has long been familiar to users of social networks and now it has come and on Android devices. You have to look for different fauna around the globe

Crazy Bubbles - unpretentious, but despite this exciting arcade game from the national developer. Everything is simple: you need to blow bubbles and score maximum points.

The second part of an exciting quest stories about the beautiful princess Isabel - Princess Isabella 2. And it begins with the story of how the evil witch has stolen the baby Isabelle! However, this witch has decided not to be limited and send down a sleepy spell on the entire kingdom.