VR Subway Rooster Run - by whom only users did not have to operate in countless Android runners - it's a bully boy, rushing all the way along the railroad tracks, and characters of numerous animated and feature films, and four-legged pets.

VR Climb - executed in the format of augmented reality Android simulator, which recreates such a dangerous extreme sport as rock climbing. The charge of positive and adrenaline with this game innovation from the studio VRFORCE is guaranteed to all gamers who will install it on their mobile Android devices.

VR Roller Coaster Temple Rider - a luxurious roller coaster from the studio Rabbit Mountain, made in the format of augmented reality, the locations of which will send the user to travel at high speed on the ruins of the ancient sanctuary. After a few short seconds after the start of our virtual journey, we will be in front of the entrance to a dark cave, which is fraught with beauty and dangers.

Toilet Escape VR Normal Mode is a luxury Android puzzle from Goblin LLC studio, whose developers, apparently, are not without humor and creativity, since they send the user to solve logical problems not in the next haunted mansion, but in a dirty and smelly toilet, with Painted walls and tightly locked door.

Boom Boxing - First person VR - before you is not just another boxing simulator, it's the world's first box, realized in the possibilities of augmented reality. The developer of this masterpiece is a young studio PixelWave, and I must say, even given some distortions and shortcomings, their novelty in the literal sense of the word causes undisguised admiration.

Kittens VR is a representative of the augmented reality game format from the Bake450 Inc studio, focused primarily on the fans of our smaller brothers, namely, cats. As you know, the last - the most popular pets, possessing a unique character, habits, having different preferences in food and so on.

House of Terror VR Cardboard - and again we immerse ourselves in the game world, using for this purpose the possibilities of augmented reality. The novelty from Lakento studio is nothing more than a gloomy and frightening horror, some scenes in which are simply forced to sting the blood in the veins of a gamer, and this is not an exaggeration.

VR Immortals fight - we present to your attention the first and so far the only of its kind Android fighting game, performed in an environment of augmented reality from the guys from virtualinfocom. For a full game, we immediately want to warn fans of fistfights, you need a Cardboard headset or other analogues, without this, alas, you will not be able to play the project.

VR Galaxy Wars - a spectacular Android action on the space theme, immersive gamer in the epic kaleidoscope of intergalactic battles. After a short training level, the user is sent to perform his debut mission on his own.

The Lost Future: VR Shooter is a spectacular and dynamic zombie shooter for the Android platform, which offers gamers an opportunity to destroy crowds of walking dead on all sides. The world is completely consumed by the zombie infection, the mutated people have flooded all neighborhoods and are trying to get to the protagonist, replenishing their ranks.