Jurassic Village - in this Android game gamers have to go during the Jurassic period and try to build their own life, as well as to hunt dinosaurs and trade with neighboring tribes

Dino the Beast: Dinosaur Game - Android colorful runner in which you made ​​as a prehistoric lizard, that is, predatory dinosaur. Even as a child, our main character was scared to death to its huge fellow, and almost became his prey

Jurassic World ™: Game - project developers from the studio «Ludia Inc», which in the long run pre-release "privlekalovkoy" Movies for the continuation of the global blockbuster called "Jurassic Park."

Dino Simulator - unique in its kind platform game for Android, in which the user will using prehistoric lizard completely destroy the city.

Happy Dinos - appears in front of you a fantastic world, which consists of several islands, each bridged together. At first you will see only a part of these beautiful islands, which gradually will increase greatly. Your main aim - to ensure a prosperous life for your pets, dinosaurs on these beautiful islands. Their pets you can not only purchase, but shall trade in their cultivation, for which you will learn the selection. Since dinosaurs will emerge from the eggs, you need to take care of a comfortable nest. Do not forget to bother about food, give some time to practice and play with their wards.

You have to study the unknown world, acting as a main character named Isla Dormir. She needs to perform a large number of tasks - to explore the island, teeming with carnivorous dinosaurs. Isla Dormir open a new form of DNA, which can be played using a new rare species of dinosaur.