Start your Zombitsu, you are the only surviving ninja and now only you can repel evil. Main enemy - a cruel lord Nokatomi who cleaned their hands on many other areas.

Steel: World Robot Boxing - game created based on the popular movie. You are waiting for fights robotic machines in the arena in which you will become a champion, bringing your robot to world fame!

Kick Puncher - in this game you will play the role of a soldier who has the professional skills of unarmed combat. You need to destroy the hordes of enemies, and to earn maximum points game, you will need to master combo attacks.

Hero of Shaolin: Kung Fu Fun - Here is the first feature film for devices Android, created in the style of film-Fighting 70-ies of the last century! Legends karate virtually come to life on the screen of your devaysa, you will fight against the same professional and visually monitor the results of their manipulations to be carried out in the elements of a real movie!

Remember the good old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the old game consoles? Now they're back - the Android platform has given a second life to famous characters and setting on your device Mutant Rumble game you are transported back in one dynamic action 90-ies of the last century

Legend of Cat Knight - sharpen claws, tail fan the militant and go on an epic battle! The story about a brave knight Kote that combines elements of strategy and RPG.

Middle Manager of Justice - this game gives you the opportunity to take the place of the control of super-heroes. Train wards, dispose of their lives, in other words, cultivate one real super-heroes. To achieve the necessary skills to submit sponsored by various dangerous missions to combat the world's evil and crime. Pump over their weapons and ammunition, for a more effective implementation of the tasks.

Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower - in this game you stand in the way of a kung fu fighter. Your goal - to defeat many enemies and climb up the tall tower where you need to fight in a deep battle with several powerful bosses

Fists For Fighting (Fx3) - another game about boxing. A characteristic feature of this toy is a good three-dimensional graphics, a pretty good voice and the reality of what is happening. The game offers two modes: Fast and history.

KAVINSKY - the action of the game takes place in Los Angeles, where the darkness of the night cut through the night evil creatures roaming the dark streets, terrorizing civilians and urban residents.