Kodama - present to your attention a musical project from Android programmers studio PROPE Ltd, in which you will look smart and crafty spirit, whose name Kodama.

Talking baby squirrel - Get on your Android device Cute virtual pet - a squirrel. This little tomboy fill your life with positive and good mood. A good three-dimensional graphics, the ability to voice control

My Talking Angela - the best so far representative of the genre Tamagotchi. By the way, if before all these projects had only a trivial simple gameplay, it provided new addition to the traditional set of functions

My Talking Pig - charming "Govorilka" for devices Android, focused on young users. In this application, the player will have to take care of a cute pig.

Talking cat - after installing the Android Device Features of this app in your smartphone settle pretty cat who is able to speak. Ginger cat is quite representative of its intellectual

In the famous feline family had a child, who decided to name in honor of the parents - Vol. The new Tamagotchi game for young people called My Talking Tom gives the opportunity to make your own virtual cat

Talking Luis Lion - another Govorilka, in which the king of beasts Lewis funny voice will repeat everything you say to him. This character will respond the same way to your touch. The game is made in high-quality three-dimensional graphics and looks very nice.

Talking Puppy - funny saying watchdog, designed to cheer you up! He is able to repeat what you say amusing voice, knows how to dance to the music, and even a grimace. In general, a set like all similar govorilok, who divorced now the vast Google Play huge number: funny little animal, a set of fun mini-games and high spirits! Have fun!

Talking Answering Jenna Bot - another Govorilka, the protagonist of which is a robotic Jenna. She is able to talk funny robotic voice and responds to your touch and speech. A sort of a female robot in your pocket!

Tarabanya - hilarious interactive eared pal in an exciting game of "Govorilka" for devices Android. It needs to be fed, to scratch behind the ear and talk with him, in short, like a normal friend. Just do not hurt him, because he is quite touchy. It's like a little game application users and engage them in a long time.