Round Case - a complex Android arcade from the guys from SparkleFly Apps, the gameplay of which is focused on checking not only the excellent reaction of the gamer, but also on the stability of his nervous system, since you will have to lose almost constantly - hardcore on the face. In this case, often we will find ourselves in desperate situations that can not be corrected, or we will not have the slightest opportunity to correct it - only to restart the level.

If you are all in perfect order with the nervous system and the psyche and it's hard for you to surprise and annoy something with something, this game novelty from Nopsapps studio will try to do it anyway. You have to find the maximum concentration and dexterity, trying to raise a small dark ball on a cunning labyrinth, leaving in an infinite height.

Cube Dash - a hardcore arcade for Android devices with a cube in the role of the protagonist, which moves through colorful game locations and tries as quickly as possible to get to the impromptu portal, transferring it to a new stage.

Zenfinity - to say that this casual Android game is difficult is to slack because it's incredibly hardcore, and we have to move a small ball along zigzag-shaped narrow paths. The design is simple, but in the given circumstances this is more of a plus, since the extra extra elements would simply be distracting from the very passage.



Dotzy - crazy casual Android game, able to completely shake the nervous system of even the most relaxed gamer, while not letting go of the grasping paws of the fascinating gameplay. The game is designed in a simple, but tasteful way, and it concerns both animation, graphics, and music that sounds on the background.

Dashy Square is an active Android platformer, with many gaming moments similar to the project called Geometry Dash, in any case, in complexity, in which the gamer is made sure at the initial levels. The user in the process of passing the route is waiting for a large number of insidious traps and obstacles, which, I must say, the developer clearly succeeded.

Temple of spikes - and again some adventurer climbed into dangerous terrain, and you again have to save his life, protecting him from the mortal danger that awaits at almost every step. But are you capable of such "feats"?

Stealth - hardcore action - hardcore Android arcade, the main purpose of which is to pass all levels without attracting the attention of enemies. Immediately after the start of the game, you will find yourself on the first level, whose design amazes with its minimalism. Manage the user need a protagonist, executed in the form of a white dot.

ZigZag Warriors - hardcore arcade difficulty, the aim of which is to destroy the dragon. For some reason (the story does not disclose these details), but the protagonist hates dragons. So, gather a group of armed soldiers, he embarks on a journey

The ruins of an ancient castle, according to numerous witnesses, even hide in their rooms filled with jewels and gold trophies chandeliers, unusual jewelery and other valuable items hidden in various corners of the grand old buildings.