Classroom-based strategy that has accumulated in itself all the best that there is in these games. You will join one of the factions and fight for survival and the prestige of the nation
Extinguish all flames on a level with the fire engine. The game twenty-two different levels, each of which has its own twist, real physics behavior of water and objects, as well as a comfortable and intuitive.
My First Trainz Set - railroad simulator in which to build a toy railway line and then ride on it. You are given complete freedom of action to build roads. In game four locations (bedroom, living room, a mini-car garage, kitchen) and nine varieties of trains
3D Action game in which you have to play for a military robot. In each mission to destroy enemies using various weapons, which, by the way, it's your choice before starting the mission. Still in the game are the bosses and the opportunity to improve their own robot. In the game great graphics, lots of weapons and comfortable friendly control.

Shine Runner

Very interesting and energetic race aero boats, in which you have to carry contraband. Flying forward, smashing and knocking down all that will occur in your way: buildings, chicken coops, gators, and a lot of other objects. Do not forget to collect the bales with gold and acquire the latest boats. The game good graphics and realistic physics action boat.
3D simulation of a military helicopter in which you have to suppress enemies with guns, rockets and machine guns. Each mission must be eliminated as much as possible more opponents to accumulate as many points. In the game the beautiful graphics, the two companies with the thirteen missions, six types of weapons, thirty varieties of enemies and four helicopters to choose from.
Very interesting race with excellent graphics and realistic physics. In return, the natural control here you will direct the path of the car. In game four types of control, several types of events, eight original racing lines, four classes of racing, and another twenty cars with changeable appearance
Brand new piece of excellent golf. You need to choose a character, choose his clothes and hairstyle and forth to conquer the hole! Use earned money you can buy different skills. You wait six different locations of the Great Wall to the space of the universe!
In a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war, hordes of zombies roam in search of human flesh. But the threat is not only from the zombies that you'll encounter! You still waiting for such monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein! Throughout the 20 levels, you have to fight the hordes of monsters. Destroy them with fire, electricity, lasers and other weapons. Each battlefield is unique: Visit to the Amazon rain forest, the Bermuda Triangle and even in parallel worlds. You have to develop a strategy and tactics of survival. Are you ready to become the last bastion of defense of humanity? If yes, then your weapon and go ahead!
You need to save the kingdom from the attacks of the dragon and his troops. In the process of beating the game, you will earn cash to spend on strengthening the protection and improvement of the defense. Great game for hanging