InaMaze - colorful Android project, made ​​in HD-quality graphics, with amazing bonuses and cool mini-games. In this game you will play the role of caulk character who traveled through the maze

Maze Hero - amazing fusion of puzzle and arcade, offers the user to get out of the labyrinth, which constantly rotates around its axis. You need to deliver the ball into the hole, which is located outside the borders of the maze.

Silent Horror Game - another horror project for the platform Android, which will send you to the intricate and deadly maze from which you and will find a way out, and as soon as possible.

Paper Dungeons - before you mobile version of the popular board game that has managed to visit almost all gaming platforms, and now it's on Android devices. So much popularity Paper Dungeons game

Holes and Balls - many remember a children's game in which it was necessary, balancing, drive the iron balls in the pocket. This fun, loved by many users, and now returns to the Android device.

Adventures Tindi - Halloween - at this Android games not provided any of the plot, the main character of virtually nothing is known, except for the name - Tindi. And we would not like to know how

Maze Dungeon - this game invites the user to go into the dungeon, which is a maze teeming with zombies! Do you have the courage to go into the dark halls of financial well-being for the sake of his brave hero?

Alcazar Puzzle - present to you the Android puzzle game with beautiful graphics and unusual gameplay. What developers offer us this time, and what surprises you this puzzle?



Teeter - this game for Android devices in the representation as such does not even need. Before you schto not nothing like a maze. On the screen is your devaysa board with numerous holes and partitions.

Follow the light - in this game you have to go in the labyrinth and try to find a way out. In the storyline is a story that tells the user to travel a virtual ball