A fun collection of mini-games with curious mechanics, in which the user is assigned the role of an adroit and brave ninja, who, despite his tiny size, is ready for great achievements. Managing the protagonist, you will together with him successfully overcome complex tests, the number of which in the project Ninja Spinki Challenges!

Grossery Game - we present to your attention a collection of mini-games, the goal of which is only one - to pass a few minutes of free time. In the game you will find a large number of unusual characters, mostly products, but not fresh, but already used, for example, a snack bagel, dried pizza, a crumpled jar of lemonade and so on.

Funny Food 2! The game for children is an interactive logical Android game, aimed at the smallest users. The gameplay consists of several fascinating mini-games aimed at developing logic and speed of decision-making.

Mi-mi-bears - a great collection of interactive mini-games for the youngest users. In addition to entertaining the time everyone in the project of mini-games provide an opportunity to improve motor skills, memory, observation and dexterity

1000 games for the company - a large collection of exciting games that focus on entertainment noisy and cheerful company. Present in the game application can be used at a birthday party

Toilet game for toilet time - unpretentious Android game, which was created by programmers 6677g.com studio for fun and not in an effort to earn. Adult users can smile and chuckle under his breath

LEGO City My City - a great collection, which consists of seven mini-games on various topics. You can test yourself as a firefighter and extinguish burning building, you can arrest the criminal, but you can participate in the race.

King of Party - Revolutionary unusual arcade game dedicated not popular now ancient battles and struggles of fantastic creatures and ordinary reality.

Science vs. Magic - bring to your attention a collection of different mini toys, where a boy with a girl competing in the different trials, and their task is to establish that rules the world - magic or science.

Grimlinov rides - a set of two dozen funny arcade mini-games in which the player to pass to undo reaction. Despite the control of a single button and a bright cartoon graphics, this game do not dare to classify the category of games for the children, because of the time limit to pass the levels is difficult even for an adult.