The main heroine of Alice Project: Reformatory for Witches in childhood discovered her talent for magic, the power of thought when I first moved the bowl of soup. Amazing metamorphosis of a small girl, which, incidentally, named Alice, of course, immediately noticed her mother

The dark and too narrow corridors, locked doors and intricate mazes, painful darkness of absolute loneliness, despair and deadly stench - Horrible Night adventure project for the Android platform is catching up hard terrifying and frightening atmosphere.

Diggy's Adventure - present to your attention the arcade Android puzzle game in which the user is encouraged to help young archaeologists - Rusty and Linda. Gameplay involves the passage of the levels, which are in the project, there are several hundred.

Limb: Journey to Hell - because of the small history of the Android games we become aware that once knocked on the door of the protagonist absolutely unknown to this person, and handing the hero into the hands of the clock, instantly fell down dead on the pavement.

THE JUSOU - dark and scary horror Android by Japanese studio EDGES LLC. If you are a fan of Japanese horror, and it must be said, it is a kind of standard, then this game is created just for you

The sinister story of a young man Alexei certain that the unconscious was in a locked hotel room. When he awoke, the hero looked around the room and found the old phone, the contacts which means only one room.

Grimma's Adventure - a beautiful princess was kidnapped and imprisoned in a high tower, but brave knight is on the way and is determined to rescue the girl from the hands of the evil sorceress.

Adventure Escape: Asylum - game story of this fascinating quest Android tells us about the girl Anna, who ended up in the hospital, but as it happened, and that was the reason for this - is unclear. You have to help the main character to escape from the hospital

Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers - the legendary hit, gathered at one time a number of awards in the end got to the devices Android, in order to offer users to remember one unusual adventure.

Dark Angels - Help the main character to establish the main reason for her terrible nightmares. Try to uncover all the secrets of the ancients, to join battle with mythical beasts, solve clever puzzles.