Portal Balls - the user will constantly interact with various objects, which are abundantly present in the game level. Collect crystals, move the power elements, use special portals.

Magic Flute: Puzzle Adventure - Take a trip through the world of the Queen of the night. Deadly Adventures of previously unknown areas are waiting for your character, and you have them with honor and dignity must pass. Each room that you need to go

SnakEscape - in the Android puzzle game you play the role of green apple, which seeks at all costs to eat red snake. Help the main character to go through the playing field and get to a special platform orange.

Kintsukuroi - in the Android puzzle you have to to rebuild the broken ceramic items, such as animal figurines, tableware and so on. Compose ceramic objects from numerous fragments of different shapes.

Bloxorz - Block And Hole - to move the pink block on the game space so that as a result he fell into the hole. Try to avoid numerous traps, go around obstacles insidious.