Pettson's Inventions - this is a very fascinating and interesting arcade game in which the player to create a variety of designs, with their further use. Maybe some of you remember the release of the game from the studio Rovio named Amazing Alex. Something like that you will find in Pettson's Inventions. The tasks will be similar, but somewhat reckless and idiotic. Is sure to raise your spirits. Do you think it possible to sleeping in a chair Old ladies get one of the first to cross the finish line? As if this does not sound crazy in reality, but in the game Pettsons Inventions are possible even such things. Quest on game levels forces you to harm everyone, without exception, for both people and animals. Would you like to throw the drunk guy, dozing under the fence? No question, he built a device that will allow you to do this, and get drunk with amusing picture. In the bulk of jobs plays a big role right arrangement of gears.